We believe concrete is an expression between you and your home, while making a great choice for the environment. What makes our products “eco-friendly”? Decorative inlays, integral sinks, drainboards and vertical applications are only a few of the limitless options concrete has to offer.

///Why Concrete///

At DC Custom Concrete:

    •  We use water-based sealers and natural oil finishes free of VOC’s
    • Obtain all concrete mix ingredients and fabrication materials from local resources and vendors
    • We use recycled glass and stone-like materials as aggregate substitutes
    • Reuse molds and form-making materials to reduce fabrication waste

Our concrete products are hand made and hand finished. Since concrete is a heterogeneous mixture of many ingredients, subtle variations in color, shade, texture and appearance should be expected. We feel these imperfections are an advantage to give character to each piece.

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