1. What does the finish look and feel like?
Our concrete products are hand made and hand finished. Since concrete is a heterogeneous mixture of many different ingredients, subtle variations in color, shade, texture and overall appearance should be expected. We feel these imperfections to be an advantage and feel it gives character to the piece.

Our concrete is available in many colors and textures. We can help you come up with the perfect look and feel for your custom project. Our standard finish and most popular, is our “Natural Look”.   The texture is smooth to the touch, and has a clean consistent presence, while still having some variation. This keeps it looking and feeling like concrete and not mistaken for any other surface. This finish is treated with a concrete densifier and then multiple coats of a durable penetrating sealer. Creating a very stain resistant surface.

We do offer other finishes which include hi-gloss, sand finish, pressed finish, wood grain, and hand troweled.

2. Do you have samples?
Yes.  We have many samples and displays that are available at our showroom in San Diego, however  we can also ship samples for a small fee depending on amount of samples requested.

3. Can we make custom colors?
Yes, custom colors can be made in addition to our standard colors. Custom samples cost $150 and take approx 2-3 weeks to create.

4. Do our concrete colors vary?
Yes. Working with natural materials is an art, not a science. It is that very art that helps make concrete the beautiful, warm material that it is. The color charts we provide are only a guide to the color that you will eventually receive. The two will almost never exactly match. Our product is typically within a 90-95% color match of the standard colors we offer as well as custom samples.

The uniqueness of each piece of concrete that we manufacture adds to its value. Again concrete is made entirely of natural materials. Understanding this we hope will allow our clients to love and enjoy these natural products.

5. Will concrete stain?
Concrete is a natural material composed of sand, stone and cement. As with other natural stones, concrete is inherently porous. To protect the surface, your product has been  sealed with the highest quality penetrating sealer available. At this point it is a very stain resistant product. Our concrete products have been developed with intentions to maintain its beauty, durability,integrity over  the long term.  With proper care and maintenance, our products will do just that.

6. How do I clean my concrete countertop or sink?
Routine cleaning of your counter should be done with a neutral pH soap. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended. Products high in acidity, such as fruit juice and red wine can etch the surface, while oils can stain the surface, if left in contact for extended periods.Care should be taken to promptly rinse the surface of these substances. “Simple Green Stone Care” is a good option, or mild soap detergents.

7. Is our mix reinforced and how?
Yes. Our concrete is a very strong and dense mix design. Reaching levels of 6-8000 psi. In addition to sand and aggregate, our mix design includes glass reinforcement as well as polymer additives to increase flexural and tensile strength.  Certain pieces are reinforced will steel re-bar to insure structural integrity.

8. Will my concrete crack?
It is  unlikely our product will crack, but that’s not to say hairline cracks will not occur. Like any solid surface, whether marble, granite , limestone, there can always be a chance of cracking. We do not guarantee our products will not crack, but we do guarantee our product to maintain structural integrity if a hairline crack does occur.

9. Can I use concrete as a cutting surface?
As with marble or granite, we do not recommend cutting directly on a concrete surface, as it could result in scratches and gouges in the finish of your counter as well as harm the blades of your knives.

10. Can I put a hot pot directly on concrete?
Concrete is heat-resistant but is subject to thermal shock if a red-hot object is placed directly upon it. Like granite, the exposed area may flake or chip away if too much heat is applied. In addition, the heat could damage the sealer and wax applied to the surface. We recommend using trivets for hot cookware.

11. What is the typical lead time for standard vessel sink?
It takes approx 3 weeks to produce a sink. If the sink you desire is already in stock, which is rare, it can be shipped immediately.

12. What is the lead time for an average kitchen counter project?
Once cabinets are installed, and appliance/plumbing specs are on site,  we can build templates and field measure. From this day , our lead time is 3-5 weeks depending on volume.

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